Within athletic departments that operate under the umbrella of the NCAA, reports of sexual violence on the part of athletes; coaches; administrators; and donors raise a host of questions about factors that may contribute to cultures of violence and questions regarding Title IX compliance and accountability. To help us sort through some of this, I am pleased to welcome to the show Molly Harry, an assistant professor of sports management with the University of Arkansas and Katrina (Trina) Garry, Deputy Title IX Coordinator with the University of San Francisco. Our conversation today is on a project they did focusing on Challenges and Best Practices for Sexual Violence Prevention and Education in Division I Athletics Departments published in the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics.

Host: Dr. Ellen Staurowsky

Guests: Molly Harry (Assistant Professor of Sports Management with University of Arkansas) & Trina Garry (Deputy Title IX Coordinator with the University of San Francisco)

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