As a college athlete, do you know your rights under Title IX, the law that bars discrimination on the basis of gender? As someone who cares about fairness in college sports, do you know what Title IX requires and what it doesn’t require when it is applied to athletics? Join Dr. Ellen J. Staurowsky, her students, and leading experts as we talk about all things Title IX and college sports.

  • The Political Forces Propelling Flag Football as a Preferred Women's College Sport - Season 3 Episode 9

    In this episode we have the wonderful opportunity to visit with Coach Becky Carlson, the head coach of women’s rugby at Quinnipiac University about an article she recently published on LinkedIn entitled “Flag Football: The Double Standard, the Money, and the Death of Non-Revenue Sports”. Coach Carlson has been the head coach of women’s rugby at Quinnipiac since its inception in 2011, building the program from the ground up and creating a Division I women’s rugby program that in short order won three back to back NIRA championships and has won 70% of its games in the last 13 years.

  • Title IX From an Athletic Director's View - Season 3 Episode 8

    In this episode we’ll speak with Renee Carlineo (IC ‘07), who is director of intercollegiate athletics and recreation at Buffalo State University about her professional journey to the AD’s chair, how her early work as a strength and conditioning coach and lacrosse coach and back in sport psychology has advised her approach to leadership and management. We’ll also get into some details on how to develop an approach to Title IX compliance and promoting gender equity within an athletic department.

  • Challenging Sex-Segregation in Sport and Exploring the Possibilities of Combined Men's and Women's Competition - Season 3 Episode 7

    In this episode we have the wonderful opportunity to speak with Dr. Stephen Gambescia who is a Professor, Health Services Administration & Director, Doctor of Health Science College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel University. He recently published an article in the Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal entitled A Research Agenda for Combined Men and Women Sports Competition.

  • A Conversation with Boxer and Poet, Raisa Tolchinsky - Season 3 Episode 6

    In this episode we learn about the powerful and affecting journey of Raisa Tolchinsky, a boxer and poet who delivers in her collection of poems, Glass Jaw, the complexities so many women boxers and women athletes encounter in a space where liberation and empowerment is often abused.

  • Women in Sport Leadership Encountering the Glass Ceiling and the Glass Cliff - Season 3 Episode 5

    In this episode we discuss the perceptions of women working in leadership roles in the sports industry, the experiences they have with the glass ceiling and glass cliff and the perceptions aspiring women professionals have of their prospects for becoming leaders in sport.

  • Women College Athletes and Mental Health - Season 3 Episode 4

    In this episode we discuss ongoing concern about women college athletes and mental health.

  • Reframing NCAA Marketing Approaches to Women's Sports - Season 3 Episode 3

    This episode focuses on initiatives college athlete departments can take to cultivate investment in women’s sports by reconnecting and celebrating the accomplishments of women athletes from previous eras with current women athletes. The University of Oregon’s Women in Flight serve as case examples of what can be accomplished by reframing promotional efforts and embracing past, present, and future generations of women college athletes.

  • Writing Women Into and Out of Sports Coverage - Season 3 Episode 2

    In our interview with one of the most prolific women’s sports writers in the United States, we explore the amnesia and neglect sports writers often have about women’s sports history through the little known story of the National Women’s Football League, brought to light by sports writer Lyndsey D’Arcangelo and their co-author, Frankie De La Cretaz.

  • Women College Athletes and Advocating for Their Rights Under Title IX - Season 3 Episode 1

    In the Season 3 premiere of Talking Title IX and College Sports, we focus on steps women college athletes can take to advocate for their rights under Title IX within their own athletic departments.

  • A Conversation About the Equal Distance Initiative With St. Michael’s Head Nordic Ski and Cross Country Coach, Molly Peters - Season 2 Episode 10

    In this episode, we are visiting with Molly Peters to talk about her work advocating for equal treatment for women athletes in the sport of cross country. At present, in 2023, men run distances between 8 to 10K and women run distances between 5-6 K. Why is this? Molly Peters is founder of Equal Distance and head coach at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont and is here to help us answer that question. For more information about the Equal Distance Initiative go to https://equaldistance.org

  • A Conversation With Macaela MacKenzie, Author of Money, Power, Respect: How Women's Sports is Shaping the Future of Feminism - Season 2 Episode 9

    In this episode, we are so fortunate to visit with Macaela MacKenzie, a journalist who writes about women and power. She covers women’s equality through the lens of sports, wellness, and the gender gap across industries. She was a senior editor at Glamour, and her work has been published in Elle, Self, Marie Claire, Forbes, and Bustle. In the summer of 2023, Macaela published a book entitled Money, Power, Respect: How Women in Sports Are Shaping the Future of Feminism.

  • Sexual Violence Prevention and Education in NCAA Division I Athletic Departments - Season 2 Episode 8

    Within athletic departments that operate under the umbrella of the NCAA, reports of sexual violence on the part of athletes; coaches; administrators; and donors raise a host of questions about factors that may contribute to cultures of violence and questions regarding Title IX compliance and accountability. To help us sort through some of this, I am pleased to welcome to the show Molly Harry, an assistant professor of sports management with the University of Arkansas and Katrina (Trina) Garry, Deputy Title IX Coordinator with the University of San Francisco. Our conversation today is on a project they did focusing on Challenges and Best Practices for Sexual Violence Prevention and Education in Division I Athletics Departments published in the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics.

  • Factors Affecting College Conference Decision Making and Adding Sports - Season 2 Episode 7

    As a general observation, most discussions about Title IX as it applies to athletic departments generally focus on what is happening with individual schools and with national governing bodies like the NCAA. In this episode we talk about the oft overlooked role college conferences play in shaping athletic departments because conferences decide what sports will be supported in terms of championship competition.

  • Accelerating Equity by Making Title IX Data Available to the Public - Season 2 Episode 6

    In this episode, we are visiting with Pam Seidenman, Founder and Executive Director of Accelerate Equity, a non-profit that she is launching to increase gender equity in collegiate athletics. Pam is also the Development Director at the California Policy Lab at UC Berkeley and UCLA. Pam has raised over $30 million to support social and technical innovation, and has worked with multiple organizations that use data to drive policy change.

  • Addressing Title IX Shortfalls: The Case of Women's Lacrosse at Florida State - Season 2 Episode 5

    In this episode, we talk with woman athlete activist and Florida State University (FSU) women’s lacrosse player Sophia Villalonga and attorney Lori Bullock of Bailey Glasser. After an investigative report published in USA Today revealed that FSU was not providing equitable opportunities for women athletes under Title IX, Sophia led an effort assisted by Lori and her colleague, Arthur Bryant, to elevate women’s lacrosse to varsity status. In October of 2023, FSU announced that a varsity women’s lacrosse program was expected to debut in the spring of 2026 and that they had a commitment to creating a gender equity process to ensure that the interests of women athletes at FSU are protected.

  • A Conversation With Dr. Libby Sharrow, Co-Author of Equality Unfulfilled - Season 2 Episode 4

    In this episode, we talk with Dr. Libby Sharrow, co-author of new book, Equality Unfulfilled: How Title IX’s Policy Design Undermines Change in College Sports.

  • College Athletes Compensation Issues: The Current Status of In re: College Athlete NIL Litigation - Season 2 Episode 3

    In a case currently pending in the US District Court in Northern California before Judge Claudia Wilkens, multiple college athletes have challenged the NCAA and the Power Five Conferences for retroactive compensation they were denied as a result of the NCAA’s restrictive compensation rules and share of revenue produced from broadcast rights. This case is being watched closely because of what a favorable ruling would mean for college athletes and how this might affect the business of college sport moving forward. To help us break down this case and talk through these arguments that are being presented on both sides, today we have Matt Netti, an associate with Nixon Peabody who focuses on employment counseling, representing employers in litigation and labor negotiations, and a wide variety of general labor and employment matters.

  • Pregnancy Discrimination and College Sports After 50 Years of Title IX - Season 2 Episode 2

    In this episode, we focus on an often under-reported but incredibly important part of the lives of college athletes, that being the group of women athletes who are expectant mothers and women and men athletes who are parents. To help us talk through these things today and to understand the dynamics around the access college athletes have to information about their rights relative to pregnancy and parenting under Title IX and NCAA bylaws as well as policy, we have two special guests, Dr. David McArdle and Dr. Sylvia de Mars.

  • The Demand IX Campaign: Empowering the Next Generation of Title IX Advocates - Season 2 Episode 1

    In the opening episode of Season 2, we had the opportunity to speak with three amazing women - Mary Ciampa, Tiffany Bullock, and Arla Davis. These three Title IX champions have been doing incredible work in educating and empowering the next generation of Title IX advocates through the WomenX Demand IX Campaign.

  • A Conversation About Trans Inclusion in Sport in Title IX's 50th Anniversary Year - Season 1 Episode 12

    In this episode we examined issues related to ongoing conversations regarding transgender athlete experience in sport, efforts to make sport a more inclusive space for transgender athletes, and increasing efforts on the part of state entities to regulate and control how, when, and under what circumstances transgender athletes compete in sport.

  • Reproductive Rights of Women Athletes in Title IX's 50th Anniversary Year and Post-Dobbs - Season 1 Episode 11

    In this episode we examined issues related to the reproductive rights of women athletes beginning with a brief historical perspective on the tensions around perceived risks and threats that sports participation posed for women in the late 19th and 20th centuries and issues women athletes face in the 21st century including women athletes rights under Title IX in terms of pregnancy and parenting; problematic issues associated with tracking the menstrual cycles of women athletes; and how access to bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom impact women athletes and women’s lives in general.

  • Title IX Through the Lens of Gender and Race Intersectionality: Not All Women Athletes Benefit Equally - Season 1 Episode 10

    The focus of this episode was on the barriers to participation and work that Black women encounter in the U.S. college sport system, the effects of racial clustering, the experiences of Black women athletes, coaches, and athletics administrators, and steps to promote gender and racial equity in the college sport space.

  • The Future of Women's Sports Media Coverage - Season 1 Episode 9

    In this episode, we explored barriers to women’s sports media coverage, new ways of thinking about women’s sports media coverage, how the lack of sports media coverage affects women’s sports, and how to unlock opportunities for greater and better sports media coverage of women’s sports.

  • Women and Men College Athletes Losing Out on Their Fair Share of Opportunities and Scholarships - Season 1 Episode 8

    In this episode we spoke with Arthur Bryant, an attorney who has represented more women athletes and potential women athletes in Title IX litigation than any other lawyer in the country. We looked closely at the topic of women college athletes losing out on their fair share of opportunities and athletic scholarships as well as how Title IX can also apply to men athletes.

  • Following the Bouncing Ball: Ways Schools Subvert the Intent of Title IX - Season 1 Episode 7

    In this episode we spoke with Kristen Galles, one of the nation’s most prominent Title IX litigators to learn more about how Title IX applies to athletic departments and to reflect on how, after 50 years since the passage of Title IX, athletic departments are slow to comply with Title IX.

  • Title IX From a Plaintiff's Perspective: A Conversation with Robin Lamott Sparks - Season 1 Episode 6

    In this episode, we focus on the case of Biediger v. Quinnipiac. We had the opportunity to speak with Robin Lamott Sparks, the former volleyball coach at Quinnipiac University, who was willing to stand with some of her athletes and challenge her employer in court in order to save her team.

  • Title IX and Athlete Discipline: The Case of Noriana Radwan v. Ward Manuel and the University of Connecticut - Season 1 Episode 5

    In this episode, we examined the case of Noriana Radwan, a former women’s soccer player at the University of Connecticut who lost her athletic scholarship after she made an obscene gesture that was caught on camera. This case raises the basic question about whether women athletes are subjected to different standards in terms of their conduct and do they suffer greater penalties as a result.

  • The Myth of Title IX Cutting Men's Sports - Season 1 Episode 4

    In this episode, we explore one dimension to this mythology that Title IX is responsible for cutting men’s sports, that being what specifically happens when men’s college programs are cut.

  • Title IX and the Contact Sports Exemption - Season 1 Episode 3

    For those who follow college sports, a woman playing on a man’s team is not completely unusual but not something you hear about every day either. On March 17, 2023, first year walk-on Olivia Pichardo became the first woman to play in an NCAA Division I baseball game. Interestingly enough, Title IX has something called the contact sports exemption that a school can invoke to keep a woman from playing on some men’s teams, such as baseball. In this episode, we learn more about the contact sports exemption, how Title IX is on a collision course with the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment when it comes to athletes competing on mixed sex teams, and whether the contact sports exemption should still exist in the 21st century.

  • Title IX at the Beginning - Season 1 Episode 2

    In this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with two of the nation’s leading women’s sports advocates, Dr. Carole Oglesby and Deborah Larkin, who were there at the beginning, before Title IX was passed in 1972. They have both played critically important roles in shaping women’s sport nationally and internationally for over 50 years.

  • Title IX Two-Minute Drill: A Primer on Title IX's Application to Athletics - Season 1 Episode 1

    This introductory episode provides a brief overview of Title IX basics as they apply to athletic departments, including the areas Title IX covers (athletic participation, athletically-related aid, and operational resources) and some of the mechanisms used to determine whether a school is complying with Title IX standards.

  • An Introduction and Welcome to Talking Title IX and College Sports - Season 1 Episode 0

    This spring, students in my Title IX and College Sports class have been studying about Title IX and its application to athletics in the 50th year since Title IX was passed in 1972. Together we’ve learned about the wonder of Title IX as a comprehensive piece of federal legislation that has, over the years, singularly or in tandem with other equity laws, helped unlock access to educational and athletic opportunities, paving the way for inroads into academic majors and jobs that were once thought of as the exclusive domains of either men or women. Even as we learn about Title IX’s impact on the ability of students to gain equal access to educational opportunity regardless of gender, the facts about Title IX have also left so many questions unanswered, most specifically why so few Americans in general, and people in college sports in particular - think athletes, coaches, and athletics administrators - know very little about what Title IX is and what it actually requires.